Mindy Jennings, Devon, PA

Debbie has taken such great care of our dog Scout and 2 cats (Boots and Kitty) for over 2 years. We travel often for soccer tournaments and it is so nice to know that our pets are well cared for while we are away. We completely trust Debbie and you can sense her love for animals by the way she communicates with us when we are gone. Debbie also goes above and beyond; she waters our flowers, brings in our mail and once when Scout was not eating she brought her special food/treats. My one cat stopped using the litter tray and Debbie was able to recommend a certain litter to attract my cat back to using the litter tray. I was so thrilled that her advice worked. I highly recommend Debbie to anyone who needs a pet sitter.

Elana K , Radnor, Pa

Debra has been taking care of our dogs Lucy and Jimmy for almost three years. She is warm, kind and extremely reliable. She has a key to my home and I trust her completely. More importantly, my dogs love her! When we go away Debra sleeps in our home and I can have a guilt free vacation knowing that my dogs are getting lots of love, attention and exercise. She also walks and visits with our dogs during the week while we are at work.

Angela and Phil, King of Prussia, PA

We are fortunate to have Debbie as our pet sitter for almost 2 years now. She was very patient with our first two Bassett hounds - Rod and Bo - as they were elderly when she took us on as clients. After their passing last summer, she has now taken on the challenge our two new rescued Bassett girls - Millie and Chloe. She is very accommodating and flexible having to deal with our wacky schedules. We are very grateful she is around to help make our lives easier.

The Williams Family, Villanova, PA

We own a 1 year old friendly and loving but very large Rottweiler. Debbie is patient and handles him very well despite his size and sometimes rambunctious nature. She always makes sure he has fun, is well cared for and gets the physical activity he needs. In addition, to long walks, Debbie will play fetch and will even take him swimming on hot summer days. We often have last minute requests and she is always willing to accommodate our needs even if she has to adjust her schedule. Rain or shine, we appreciate how reliable and dedicated she is to our beloved pooch.

Dottie and John M. King of Prussia, PA

Our cat Graycee loves her cat sitter and so do we. Debbie has been so very dependable, trustworthy, animal aware and we appreciate her attention to detail in regards to our home. She follows our directions and is creative in her care for our cat. She is aware of changes in mood and health in a variety of animals and has a good relationship with the local veterinarians and several animal rescue groups too. Best of all, she plays and exercises Graycee and adds mental stimulation games to her daily activities while we are away. Debbie also knows her plants, in the summer she takes care of my perennial beds and vegetable garden. We highly recommend her for any of your pet care and home care needs.

Nicole & Desmond, Conshohocken, PA

Thank you Debbie for all that you do to take loving care of our cats. Before we found you, it was so difficult to go away for the weekend and not worry or wear out our favors with neighbors. You always go above and beyond to keep them happy, clean, and fed and your services are so valuable to us. We appreciate how you are able to give Frank his pill and never worry when you are here at our home.


I wasn't sure where to find someone to care for my cats while I was away on vacation - I have three of them. When I found Be Happy Pets and Debbie, it was like finding an angel! She takes excellent care of my kitties and I am worry free while I am away. I am thinking of having her come over to visit with them even when I am home! (I work from home) I loved the detailed note about my babies when I returned from vacation.

Bryce B., East Norriton, PA

I have a senior dog. Senior dogs require more care, similar to puppies. They need bathroom breaks more often, medicine, and generally do better with a regimented schedule. Be Happy Pets has truly been a blessing in my household because they help me to maintain a regimented schedule for my dog and give him a lot of attention that he deserves! I come home to a content dog and accident-free home. Debbie always leaves me a note describing their day together, is on-time and gives my dog her full attention when she's here. She is very flexible, which makes my life worry free because I know I can count on her to keep my dog Happy!

Aidan, Age 9, Villanova, PA

Debbie loves my 2 dogs and rabbit!

Joanna M., Villanova, PA

I have two English bulldogs and a bunny, and I love the way Debbie plays ball with my crazy bully, gives my senior bully tummy rubs and massages and makes sure everybody does their business! When my senior bully needed Physical Therapy, Debbie came with me to the vet to learn how to administer the basics so that she could work with my girl at home. That's devotion.

Debbie does not "clock watch" - if my girls need a few extra minutes, she is there for them. I have found no other pet sitter as flexible, reliable and eager to accommodate as Debbie.

Pam and Rich, Wayne, PA

Be Happy Pets is a GREAT name for your business Debbie. Our lab Quinn is one happy dog after we have been away for a long weekend when you watch her. She is older; you take care of her needs as if she was your own. Thank you! We will be in touch about our next trip out of town. We love our new freedom knowing you.

Chris Daniels President of Spay and Save Inc.

I've known Deb Felix for eight years as a volunteer for our organization, Spay and Save, Inc., and as a pet caretaker. She excels in both! Her dependability and dedication are invaluable in both our rescue organization and in making her pet sitting business a true success. Many of our volunteers have used her services and have been delighted with her care. I would recommend Deb Felix for all your pet care needs.

Toni D., King of Prussia, PA

Thank you so much for taking care of my brood of cats. I know they are a handful. My vacation was wonderful and I enjoyed it so, mostly because I knew my babies were in good hands. Thanks again.

Karen and Steve B., Rosemont, PA

Debbie is a conscientious and dedicated "Pet Professional" whom we have learned to count on for our dog care when we, my husband and I, are unable to tend to them due to our occupational demands. She is extremely reliable and has never missed an appointment here and provides our family pets with love and an occasional massage to keep them calm until one of us returns home from work. We would recommend Debbie for anyone who is need of a responsible "pet caretaker"! She takes her job seriously and can always be counted upon to make the time for our pets.

Trudy M., King of Prussia, PA

Debbie is a very special person who loves animals. She takes excellent care of all of our many pets and they are all very happy when she comes. I know that because they usually tend to hide, but not with her. I feel very comfortable leaving them with her when I have to leave town.